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All Risks Related to the Merchant's Property

Why Euroins? 
  • We insure all possible risks in one policy
  • We cover property damage as well as loss of profit

What is this insurance?

Insure your property used for production, commercial and administrative activities against all risks that are not excluded according to the General Terms and Conditions

What does the insurance cover?

 Basic coverage

Material losses or damages

  • Loss, destruction or damage to the insured property is covered.

Additional coverage

For better coverage extend your insurance with one or more additional risks. 

Each additional cover is selected only in combination with the main one.

Indirect losses - business interruption

 Loss of gross profit due to business interruption as a result of a covered risk.

Machinery breakdown

Any sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to machinery.

Additional insurance - See more.

Where does the insurance apply?

 At the address of the insured property on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Insurance conditions 

What is the duration of the Insurance cover?

For a period of one year. 

What is the sum insured?

 It is determined based on the actual or replacement value of the property.

Necessary documents for taking out insurance:
  • Questionnaire
  • Inventory of the insured property (if one has been drawn up)
  • Other documents – additional documents requested in connection with the issuance of a policy or an addendum to it

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