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What is this insurance?

In the event of initiation of pre-trila proceeedings for a traffic accident ZD EUROINS JSC will provide the insured with competent legal aid. The accident must have occurred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria under MTPL insurance.

Accident Legal Aid Insurance is voluntary insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

 Legal aid in the form of:

Legal services

  • Oral and written consultations and opinions on issues related to the specific proceedings;
  • Preparation of all kinds of documents in connection with the initiated proceedings - requests, applications, declarations, complaints, etc;
  • Provision of legal assistance, protection and procedural representation of the insured person in the stage of pre-trial proceedings;
  • Participation in the performance of procedural and investigative actions in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.
Consultation on:

  • The scope and effect of MTPL insurance;
  • The insurer's grounds for recourse against the insured person;
  • Other issues related to the operation, amendment and scope of the mandatory MTPL insurance;
  • The scope and effect of the Accident Legal Aid Insurance.

Issued only in combination with Combined Car Policy
Terms used:

Road accident - Road traffic accident



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