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Motor third party liability/ Combined Car Policy

Why Euroins? 
  • Legal assistance in case of road accident
  • Driver and Passenger Accident Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Notification of upcoming installment
  • Pay annualy or by installments

What is this insurance?

Compulsory insurance for every motor vehicle registered in the Republic of Bulgaria. 

What does the insurance cover?

  • The liability of the driver/owner/keeper of the motor vehicle for damages caused by him to third parties while driving and parking.

Additional voluntary coverages

For better coverage we recommed a Combined Car Policy with one or more of the following options:

Accident Legal Aid Insurance

Provides consultations and the opportunity to use legal services in the case of road accidents with injured persons. 

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Driver and Passenger Accident Insurance

Provides coverage for all seats in the vehicle, including the driver. 

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Roadside Assistance Insurance

Ensures the use of roadside assistance in case of road accidents and preventive road accidents. 

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Where does the insurance cover apply?

  • All member states of the European Union, including the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Serbia and North Macedonia;
  • Turkey and Switzerland.
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Insurance conditions

What is the duration of the Insurance cover?

For a period of 1 year.

Duration of insurance cover for a shorter period, but not less than 30 days, is permissible only in the cases provided for in the Insurance Code.

 What is the liability limit? 

The amounts are advertised according to Art. 492 of the Insurance Code - BGN 10,420,000 for each event for non-property and property damage as a result of bodily injury or death.

Up to BGN 2,100,000 for each property damage event.

Necessary documents for MTPL insurance:
  •  Copy of the registration certificate - when the vehicle is registered
  • Sales contract or invoice - upon change of ownership or when the motor vehicle is a new import
  • Customs declaration (if available)


Terms used: 

MTPL - Motor Third Party Liability

Road accident - Road traffic accident 

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