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Trip Cancellation Insurance

 Why Euroins? 
  • Worldwide coverage 
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred for various tourist services
  • Reimbursement of extraordinary expenses when extending or shortening your trip
  • Special conditions "Covid-19"

What is this insurance?

We refund sums paid in relation with your tourist or business trip, which, in case of cancellation or shortening of the trip, are not subject to return by the provider of the relevant tourist service. 

What does the insurance cover?

 Basic covers

Trip cancellation

  • one-way ticket for regular transport;
  • one-way ticket for regular transport and additional tourist services.


Trip Cancellation and Trip Shortening

  • travel package; 
  • hotel or accommodation; 
  • one-way ticket for regular transport (only in combination); 
  • round-trip ticket for regular transport;
  • additional tourist services (only in combination).


Additional Coverage and Special Terms

For better coverage, extend your Trip cancelation insurance with one or more additional options.

Each additional cover is selected only in combination with one of the main options.

Extending a trip

 Covers extraordinary travel expenses incurred in the event of an extension of the insured person's stay by more than 24 hours after the end date of the trip due to any of the reasons listed in the TC, which was unforeseeable at the time of the conclusion of the insurance contract and occurred during the period of the insurance coverage, regardless of the will of the insured person.

Special conditions

Covers the relevant portion of the insured basic travel costs that is deducted as a fee or penalty in connection with the cancellation of the relevant reservation, in the event that You or a relative: 

  • fall ill with Covid-19 before the trip, provided that no more than 14 days remain until the start of the trip; 
  • you have been ordered to receive home treatment or hospitalization, provided that no more than 28 days remain before the trip; 
  • you have been refused accommodation on board the vehicle specified in the reservation due to elevated body temperature or laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; 
  • death due to Covid-19; 
  • death of your loved one as a result of Covid-19, occurring up to 90 days before travel.

Where does the insurance apply?

The whole world

Insurance conditions 

 What is the duration of the Insurance cover?

 For a period of 1 year 

What is the sum insured? 
  • Basic cover – represents the cost of the trip and is common to all insured persons and events.
  • Additional coverage – individual limit for each insured person.

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