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 Why Euroins?
  • No inspection and inventory 
  • You choose the Insurance Coverage Package
  • Quick and easy insurance policy issuance
  • Online filing and liquidation of damages up to BGN 500 amount of damage

What is this insurance?

Insure your home and the movable property located in it. Choose insurance package  of grouped risks.

 What does the insurance cover?

Each package includes a certain combination of risks and limits.


  • Fire and the consequences of its extinguishing; 
  • Explosion and implosion; 
  • Impact or fall of manned aircraft, its parts or cargo;
  • Damages due to natural disasters - storm, hail, heavy rain, flood, landslide and collapse of earth layers; 
  • Getting wet as a result of an accident from plumbing, heating or other types of installations;
  • Damage or destruction as a result of being hit by a vehicle or an animal;
  • Accidental glass breakage.

  • All risks included in the "Classic" Package +: 
  • Malicious actions of third parties; 
  • Civil liability to third parties for damages arising from the insured property.

  • All risks included in the "Super" Package +: 
  • Burglary; 
  • Short circuit or electric shock of electrical installations and appliances, as a result of thunder and lightning.

Where does the insurance apply?

At the address of the insured property on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Insurance conditions 

What is the duration of the Insurance cover?

 For a period of one year

What is the sum insured? 

Depending on the coverage limit option selected.

 Necessary documents for taking out insurance: : 
  • Questionnaire
  • Inventory of the insured property (if one has been drawn up) 
  • Other documents – additional documents requested by the client in connection with the issuance of a policy or an addendum to it 

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