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March 2023

Eurohold, parent company of Euroins, confirms the stability of all its other businesses and subsidiaries outside Euroins Romania.


Sofia, 17 March 2023 - With reference to today's decision of the Romanian financial regulator ASF for Euroins Romania, part of Euroins Insurance Group AD - revocation of the licence for insurance activity, opening of bankruptcy proceedings and appointment of the Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGA) as temporary administrator of the company, the management of Eurohold makes the following statement:

Outside of Euroins Romania, all other subsidiaries and businesses of Eurohold in all the other 11 markets in which they operate, including insurance and energy, are operating and will continue to operate as usual and without any problems, serving their customers and obligations and carrying out their business plans for the year. 

In relation to the decision of the financial regulator in Romania against Euroins Romania, the holding has started a procedure to challenge this decision in all competent courts in Europe and around the world.

Eurohold Bulgaria AD

Eurohold Bulgaria AD is a leading energy and financial group operating in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. It is listed on the Bulgarian and Warsaw Stock Exchange. Eurohold owns Euroins Insurance Group AD (EIG), one of the largest insurance groups in the region. EIG provides a full range of insurance products, serves over 4 million customers in 12 countries and has over 3,000 employees. Eurohold is owner of Electrohold, a leading energy group in Bulgaria that owns the largest power distributor, supplier, and trader in the country, has 3000 employees and serves more than 3 million consumers.  

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