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August 2022

Eurohold, parent company of Euroins, signed a partnership agreement with European Athletics


Eurohold Bulgaria, parent company of Euroins,  signed a partnership agreement with European Athletics . The agreement was  signed during the Munich 2022 European Athletics Championships on  August, 18th  2022. The duration of the agreement will be until the end of 2025 .

Eurohold will have the status of being an Official Partner of European Athletics in the insurance category and the involvement will commence with the 2022 SPAR European Cross Country Championships, which will be held in the Piemonte-La Mandria Park  outside Torino, Italy.

The European Athletics events covered by the agreement are:

* 2022-2025 SPAR European Cross Country Championships;

* 2024 European Athletics Championships (Rome, Italy);

* 2023 and 2025 European Athletics Indoor Championships;

* 2023 and 2025 European Athletics Team Championships 1st Division.

As an Official Partner of European Athletics, Eurohold will benefit from core marketing rights that include advertising board visibility at the above events, exposure on Eurovision’s pan-European free-to-air broadcast coverage and European Athletics live streaming, digital rights, digital exposure via European Athletics communications channels, ticketing, and VIP hospitality.

“I am very pleased that European Athletics and Eurohold will be working together from later this year. This partnership shows how strong t is he profile and credibility of European Athletics is because our new partner is a heavyweight of the European insurance sector,” commented President Karamarinov.

“In addition to our core business and as part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to support causes and projects that are important to people, improve the environment we live in and quality of life as a whole. Sport is one of the key areas we have been developing over the last 20 years, providing good opportunities for many talents in this sector. As we have significantly scaled up our business in Europe it’s the high time we expanded our social program in the continent too. We are glad to take this step together with the queen of sports and we look forward to building a strong partnership with European Athletics in order to further boost the development of the sport,” said Assen Christov, Chairman of Eurohold.

“Partnering with Eurohold is a tremendous opportunity for European Athletics and it also shows the appeal that the events in our portfolio have as well as the value that major companies now place in being associated with us and the sport of athletics,” added European Athletics CEO Christian Milz.

In the picture:

Mr.Assen Christov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eurohold

Mr.Dobromir Karamarinov, European Athletics President

Mr. Christian Milz, European Athletics CEO