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February 2023

Euroins insurance JSC donated funds to support the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


Euroins, in partnership with the Bcause foundation, donated funds to the population stricken by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The donated funds will be divided equally between the two countries. The Bcause Foundation collaborates  with local organizations validated by CAF International, who distribute the funds according to the respective needs. Such local organizations in Turkey are the Food Bank of Turkey Temel Ihtiyac Dernegi (TIDER - Basic Needs Association), which supplies food and water to the victims and Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi - a network of 16,000 volunteers working on the ground to rescue people from the ruins and provide the necessary support for the families of the dead. For the victims in Syria, the Bcause Foundation directs the donations to the student volunteer organization MULHAM Gönüllüler YARDIM Dernegi (Molham Volunteering Team), whose volunteers help on the ground to rescue people from the ruins and deliver food and water to the population.