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October 2023

Euroins is the strongest performing Bulgarian insurer in South-Eastern Europe in the SEE TOP 100 ranking


Euroins (Euroins Bulgaria), part of the insurance group of Eurohold - Euroins Insurance Group, isthe best performing Bulgarian insurer in the annual SEE TOP 100 ranking of the regional business news platform,information and analysis covering 11 countries in South-Eastern Europe.Euroins Bulgaria climbs by 4 positions in the ranking for 2022 and now occupies the 11th place, which is the strongest performance of a Bulgarian insurer in the ranking.Last year, the company realized nearly 232 million euros in gross premium income - an increase of almost 32% compared to 2021.The result was due to the growth of business in foreign markets and the higher volume of non-motor insurance sales.

"What we have achieved is the result of years of constant work in service of our clients,for whose trust we thank.The basis of our achievement is stable portfolio management and good actuarial calculations, which allow us to respond appropriately to market changes, without compromising on the benefits paid.We will continue to work on behalf of our clients.The latest, which is coming in days, is the launch of a new corporate site, where it will be possible to take out insurance entirely online. Our customers will have the opportunity to manage their insurance portfolio by themselves". Commented Yoanna Tsoneva, executive director of Euroins Bulgaria.

Euroins Bulgaria is among the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria in terms of premium income.At the beginning of October, the company increased its capital by BGN 15 million (EUR 7.7 million).The funds will be used to finance the development of the company in foreign markets.Apart from Bulgaria, Euroinsprez has its branch in Greece (FoE), as well as in Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy (FOS).Recently, Euroins Bulgaria has also been developing activities in the Romanian market, where it offers non-motor insurance services.Along with its main activity, Euroins Bulgaria contributes significantly to the development of society and the living environment in all markets,which he attended, supporting a number of projects and causes in the fields of sports, culture, art and charity.