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October 2022

Euroins insurance JSC supported the "Discovering talents in mathematics" municipal mathematics competition in memory of academician Georgi Nadjakov


On October 15th ,  2022  in the premises  of "Hristo Botev" Profiled High School, Dupnitsa city, with the support of  Euroins , a municipal mathematics competition "Discovering talents in mathematics" was held  in memory of academician Georgi Nadjakov. In the second edition of the competition, over 400 children from the Dupnitsa region took part, divided into age groups from 1st to 12th grade. The purpose of the mathematics competition is to discover young talents to be directed to further education related to mathematics.

The students from   "St. Paisii Hilendarski" School received the cup for the complex winner of the competition. A total of 39 students (ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd) received prizes provided by Euroins.


For academician Georgi Nadjakov

Georgi Nadjakov is a distinguished Bulgarian physicist, an active public figure, author of the first Bulgarian discovery - the photoelectric state of matter. His discovery is the basis not only of classical electrophotography - the xerographic and photocopying technique, but it can also be applied in the field of vacuum-free television technology, in memory devices, X-ray dosimeters and in taking pictures from space satellites transmitted directly by electromagnetic means to The Earth. This discovery was registered as the first scientific discovery in Bulgaria in 1977.

Academician Georgi Nadjakov is the founder of the Physics Institute at the "Bulgarian Academy of Sciences" and its long-term director.