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July 2022

Euroins insurance JSC with first places in the "b2b Media Awards 2022" contest


Euroins insurance JSC received high recognition for its social responsibility and sustainability for the society during the 8th edition of the "b2b Media Awards 2022" contest, which was held on July, 12th 2022 at the private secondary school "St. George".

The company was awarded first place in the categories "Charitable initiative of the year" and "Social project of the year", and in the category "Educationally focused project in the field of business" the prize was won by Euroins Insurance Group, the parent company of Euroins.

Euroins insurance JSC won first place in the category "Charitable Initiative of the Year" for providing funds for a rehabilitation camp, in the village of Ravda, for children deprived of parental care residing in the "Complex for Social Services for Children with Disabilities", Strazhitza town.

The company won another first place in the "Social Project of the Year" category for Nadezhda school kitchen, a joint project with the "World of Mary" foundation. Nadezhda school kitchen is an innovative initiative that gives, to more than 30 young people with intellectual and other disabilities, the opportunity to develop and learn the skills they need to realize themselves in society. Along with the activities in the professional kitchen, the training center also develops professional activities in three other areas: gardening, cleaning, and packaging. Euroins Bulgaria supports and donates funds for the equipment and development of the professional labor center for third year in a row.

Euroins Insurance Group won second place in the category "Educationally oriented project in the field of business" for the scholarship program "I achieve higher success" - a joint project with the "Blagotvoritel" foundation. The program aims to stimulate the efforts and pursuit of knowledge of high-achieving 8th to 12th grade students and 1st year students deprived of parental care. The scholarships are awarded after a two-stage competition and are a serious motivation for young people to increase their success by more than one unit. Euroins Insurance Group supports the program for third year in a row and accepts students for an internship in the company.

"I am proud that the projects on which we work with our colleagues and help them to happen, and contribute to the good of society are visible and are properly evaluated in contests such as "b2b Media Awards 2022". Every year the competition between the companies participating in the contest is getting bigger and bigger, and the projects are getting better and larger. In Bulgaria, socially responsible companies are becoming more and more common and there is a trend in which not only large companies with millions of BGN profit, but also smaller companies participate and support projects aimed at improving the working environment of employees, the environment, education and health of the society. The focus of our company's social responsibility and sustainability are Bulgarian children, and especially disadvantaged children deprived of parental care. Our cause is to help for the health, development and education of these children. These three awards are for our whole team and give us confidence that we are going in the right direction and what we do, we do it well, so we will continue to do good for society and the environment we live in," said during the ceremony, Desislava Elenkova, "Marketing and Communications" Manager at  the company.

 "b2b Media Awards 2022" is held for the eighth consecutive year and aims to recognize the best practices of socially responsible campaigns and their commitment to various social causes that favor the development of employees, the environment and society.