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January 2019

Euroins insurance JSC with innovative insurance for the Bulgarian market


Euroins insurance JSC started the sale of a unique for the Bulgarian market insurance “MTPL  legal  assistance” additional service  together with the MTPL policy. The insurance is concluded for a period of one year and only in the form of a combined, insurance policy together with MTPL insurance.

“MTPL  legal assistance” provides opportunity for competent legal assistance in connection with an accident occurred under the MTPL Insurance coverage.

The insurance provides:

   *  Attorney-at-law and representation of the insured in civil or criminal proceedings instituted in connection with an accident with injured people occurred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
    * Legal consultations

Attorney services are provided only through qualified attorneys, pre-approved by the insurer and included in the list of trusted attorneys. This list is provided by Euroins   to the insured upon receipt of notification of the accident, and the insured has the right to choose freely any of the attorneys included in it. In order to receive legal assistance under the terms of the insurance, the insured must submit a written insurance claim to Euroins .

“MTPL  legal assistance” together with the MTPL policy.