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August 2023

Euroins donated funds to the "Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria Brach" Foundation


Euroins has signed a cooperation agreement with the "Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria Branch" foundation and donated funds that will be used to support families and children at risk of being placed in institutions due to poor living conditions, poverty, disabilities and discrimination.

The statistics in Bulgaria show that 80% of the children placed in institutions have a family that could take care of them if there is adequate support. Such assistance is provided by the "Active Family Support" program of "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria Branch". The program covers the most vulnerable groups of children whose families are socially isolated and have limited access to social services.

The donated funds for the development of the "Active Family Support" program from   Euroins  will provide material and specialized assistance to families who are at risk of abandoning their children, as well as for the reintegration of children placed in institutions back into their family. The program covers the following activities: improvement of living conditions, counseling and development of parenting skills, family and social relationships, access to health services, improvement of physical and mental health, referral of parents to educational programs, assistance in enrolling children in nurseries and kindergartens garden, access to social assistance, employment and household economy. "Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria Branch" actively participates in finding a job, issuing personal documents, repairing a home and all activities that lead to permanent income for parents and stability for those in need.

"Hope and Homes for Children - Bulgaria Branch" has been actively working throughout the country for more than 11 years. There are over 340 consultants and coordinators in 13 regional cities and 128 municipalities in the country and it carries out an active policy on prevention of abandonment and not allowing placement of children in specialized institutions.

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