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July 2018

Euroins insurance JSC partner at the White Dinner World Event


Euroins insurance JSC is a partner of the special edition of White Dinner, which will be held on July 12 in Sofia and July 21 in Varna.

The event, in which everyone is dressed in white, has over 30 years of world history and takes place in cities around the world such as Paris, Sydney, Milan, Berlin, New York, Barcelona, ​​Bucharest and brings together tens of thousands of participants in each city .

White dinner e:
• A secret place, a secret meeting! Only invited members and members of the club learn where it is held.
• Dressed in white! From shoes to every garment, tablecloths and ornaments.
• Attractive program - acrobatic show, DJ program.
• An outdoor party where the concept is "Bring food and bring a friend".
• The sophisticated urban picnic in white requires a pinch of initiative: Everyone carries food, decorations, and utensils! Plastic products, plates, glasses, etc. are not allowed.
• The organizers provide equipment for rent (tables and chairs) and beverages, incl. and a bar on site. A good occasion to show culinary skills and supper to be shared with colleagues and friends.


You can see videos from the event here:

Sofia  -