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November 2021

Sustainability and partnership lead Euroins to invest in a better future for children


Long-term partnership and sustainability over time - these are the two main principles that guide Euroins Insurance Company AD in corporate social responsibility. It is aimed at supporting projects and policies in the fields of education, sports, environment and art.

But the main mission is to support children and their development, because the company believes that this is the best investment that can be made for the future of society. And this investment will return through well-educated young people ready to pursue dreams.

Over the years, Euroins has recognized as its cause the projects related mostly to disadvantaged children deprived of parental care. Because they want to show them that the world can be better, more colorful and more beautiful than the one they see at a given moment. And so to stimulate them to fight, learn and strive for it and to believe that anything is possible, as long as you really want it, work hard and do not give up.

And it is no coincidence that 90% of charitable causes and initiatives are related to children, for their health, development, training and education.

The company states that they have changed their social responsibility strategy for several years. And thanks to Krasi Velichkova from the Bulgarian Charity' Forum, they have contacted several foundations with which they work fruitfully on various projects. These are organizations with a long history, excellent financial reporting and projects close to   Euroins  , which the company recognizes.

The company works on two projects together with the Blagotvoritel Foundation. The first is the national competition "Young Philanthropist". Students from 7th to 12th grade have the opportunity to participate in it, who create and implement charity projects with which they can personally contribute to improving the environment in which they live, communicate and learn. The project recruitment campaign lasts three months, after which they are evaluated by a jury. Those ranked in the top 10 pass a new selection before the jury with live or online presentations. The first five projects, awarded with the highest marks, receive funding for implementation.

They also work  with the same foundation  on the project "I achieve higher success". Its purpose is to stimulate the efforts and the pursuit of knowledge of high-achieving students from 8th to 12th grade and 1st year students who are deprived of parental care. The scholarship program supports and encourages young people to be successful, as the foundation provides moral, friendly and mentoring support. Under this program, two students are already interns in the company.

Since 2015, together with the St. Nichola  National Fund Foundation, the insurance company has been working on various charitable causes and initiatives. Annually donates financial and material resources for children deprived of parental care and staying in family-type accommodation centers. Every year the little ones are provided with a 10-day vacation at sea to improve their health and rehabilitation is done for those who have physical disabilities. So far, the company has provided the holiday of over 200 children.

With the support of Euroins last year in Pleven was held the first competition for running children and parents FUN RUN KIDS, in which children with disabilities also participate. They show a strong spirit and desire, and their inclusion is the mission of FUN RUN KIDS. The event is organized by some of the largest and most active NGOs, associations and social enterprises in the country: JAMBA (Social Future Foundation), Maria World World Foundation, National Alliance for Social Responsibility in partnership with the Autism Today Association. BALIZ - Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and with the support of the municipality of Pleven.

“The World of Maria” Foundation, whose partner is Euroins, has a mission to support the labor and social integration of people over the age of 18 with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Individual and group activities are organized for them in a dayly center, their personal realization is helped through access to quality services, developmental training and appropriate employment.

Earlier this year, the insurance company helped a Nadezhda mother kitchen to be opened, where the foundation's alumni receive support from professional chefs, occupational therapists and social workers. In this kitchen the graduates prepare food as part of it is used for catering for various events.

With the same foundation several times a year Euroins Insurance Company  organizes charity bazaars on the territory of the Eurohold business center, which sell beautiful souvenirs and sweets made by the alumni of the foundation.


Support for Bulgarian opera

For the second year in a row, Euroins supports the festival "Opera of the Peaks", the setting of which is the Belogradchik Rocks. The festival is held for the sixth consecutive year on the territory of the fortress "Kaleto" and attracts a large number of connoisseurs of opera.

"Opera of the Peaks - Belogradchik Rocks" and an innovative idea of ​​the director Plamen Kartalov - director of the "Sofia Opera and Ballet". The aim of the festival is to present opera and ballet in a natural environment, among the magical beauty of the Belogradchik rocks. The company has donated over BGN 50,000 for the festival.

Euroins has been actively working on various projects with the municipality of Belogradchik for several years. In 2020, 100 anti-decubitus mattresses were donated to be provided for the needs of family-type accommodation centers in the municipality. The value of the donation exceeds BGN 22,000.

And the sport is not forgotten

Euroins maintains long-term fruitful cooperation and supports a number of sports clubs - "Bulgarian Ski Club of Journalists", Association "Alpine Club Vitosha", which organizes the competition "Tour of Vitosha - 100 km", Association "Adventure Sky Run" - organizer of "Malyovitsa Skyron", which is one of the most extreme competitions in mountain running in the Bulgarian sports calendar.

There is also support for "Trail System" with the team "White Avalanche, Bike and Surf", for the basketball club "Marek" from Dupnitsa, "Youth Sports Club" Sofia-Europe "- organizer of the Sofia relay marathon, for" Art vacation on Vitosha "- summer art camp for children, organized by" Music Play School ", charity car show" Crazy race - stop the aggression on the roads "," 35th World Parachuting Champion, National Karting Association - organizer of the international karting competition "Eco 12 hours of Bulgaria ", the Bulgarian Basketball Federation, etc.


Publication 01.11.2021 24 hours newspaper